Bisco Bundle Deal
Bisco Bundle Deal
SKU: 2019H1/01
Bundle Deal!
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The bundle consists of: 

  • 1 x Select HV Etch w/BAC (30ml),
  • 2 x All-Bond Universal (6ml),
  • 1 x Composite Placement Instrument DE - TiNi coated Double Paddle DuraLite® ROUND, 
  • 1 x AElite Aesthetic Enamel A1-E (4g) OR AElite Aesthetic Enamel A2-E (4g)
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Bisco Bundle Deal
Bisco Bundle Deal
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All-Bond Universal (6ml):

  • Not moisture sensitive: use on wet, dry or moist tooth structure
  • Impressive bond strength to ALL substrates
  • Use with ALL direct and indirect restorations (< 10-micron thickness)
  • Perfect chemical balance for both total- and self-etch adhesion from one bottle
  • Compatible with ALL cement (no additional activator required)
  • Virtually no post-operative sensitivity
  • All-Bond Universal offers the flexibility for total-, self- and selective-etch procedures
  • All-Bond Universal is compatible with all light-, self- and dual-cured resin composite and cement materials for all direct and indirect procedures
  • Other single bottle adhesives may need more than 1 bottle for indirect restorations, but with All-Bond Universal, NO activator is required.

Select HV Etch w/BAC (30ml):

  • A superior 35% high viscosity phosphoric etch available with Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC).
  • Conditions the tooth structure before bonding adhesives, composites, or sealants.
  • Specially formulated for maximum working and handling, pinpoint placement performance, and eliminating run-on onto the dentin surface.
  • Rinses away cleanly and quickly leaving no residue to interfere with bonding.
  • Blue in color for easy visualization and contrast.
  • Microretentive surface characteristics that are necessary for successful bonding.
  • Contains benzalkonium chloride (BAC), an antimicrobial agent. In-vitro research shows it is effective against Streptococcus mutans.

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