DT Light Post #1 Refill (10pcs)

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DT Light Post #1 (10pcs)

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  • Translucency enhances esthetics and light transmission
  • Radiopacity allows for visibility on radiographs
  • Double-tapered design closely conforms to the shape of the prepared canal to minimize dentin removal and cement layer
  • Unidirectional, pretensed, quartz fibers bound in a resin matrix gives it a greater flexural strength than metal posts
  • Maximum strength - no notches or serrations to compromise strength
  • Fiber optic design allows light to traverse through the post so it can be cemented with light-activated materials
  • BISCO’s fiber posts have been placed in over 3,400 cases as part of a decade-long multi-center clinical trial. Three (3) post fractures and zero (0) root fractures have been documented
  • Retreatment is quick with the D.T. Light-Post Removal Kit and a low-speed handpiece

DT Light-Post Drill