DT Light Post ILLUSION X-RO Intro Kit

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DT Light Post ILLUSION® X-RO® Intro Kit

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Gift with Purchase Just for IDEM 2022!

Buy DT Light Post ILLUSION® X-RO® Intro Kit and Get 1 BISCO All-Bond Universal Adhesive (6ml) and 1 Dual Syringe Core Flow DC Lite Shade: Opaque White (8g) 

  • Patented & exclusive X-RO fibers provide unparalleled Flexural Strength.
  • Patented Illusion color-change technology eases size identification, removal.
  • Exceptional radiopacity and light transmission.
  • Micro-mechanical surface is ideal for bonding to any bonding agent system.
  • Parallel coronal section offers maximum diameter for strength, surface area for adhesion.
  • Proven, double-tapered shape conserves dentin, fits right out of the package.
  • Push-out Adhesion to dentin confirmed superior to metal ParaPost.
  • Can be a-traumatically removed in minutes.

Kit Contains:

5 x posts each of size #0.5 Black, size #1 Red, size #2 Yellow, size #3 Blue, 1 x Universal Starter Drill, 1 x each Finishing Drill size #1 Red, size Drill size #2 Yellow, size #3 Blue, 1 x Size Selection Card.