Forcep Physics GMX 400 Molar Set (2pcs)

Forcep Physics GMX 400 Molar Set (2pcs)

Forcep Physics GMX 400 Molar Set (2pcs)
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The Physics Forceps® are an atraumatic extraction system that provides a simple, predictable and unconventional method of extracting teeth regardless of a practitioner’s extraction experience, or the condition of the tooth, while providing a positive patient experience.

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Forcep Physics GMX 400 Molar Set (2pcs)
Forcep Physics GMX 400 Molar Set (2pcs)
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Patented Beak & Bumper technique makes difficult molar extractions easier than ever, with just two instruments that allows for bumper placement on the buccal or lingual side of the tooth. With an innovative handle and beak design, the GMX 400 molar series improves access to teeth located at the posterior area of the mouth additionally, extractions of severely decayed teeth on the lingual aspect are easier due to the ability of the placement of the bumper on the lingual or buccal side (i.e., to use them in reverse)

Give your hands a break and your patients peace of mind when you incorporate the Physics Forceps into your standard of care.


Instructional Training DVD
12 Bumper Guards
GMX 400 EZ1 Instrument
GMX 400 EZ2 Instrument

U.S. Patent No. 6.910.890
U.S. and International Patents Pending

The Physics Forceps® operate as an elevator, rather than forceps, using first-class lever mechanics. One handle is connected to a "bumper," which acts as the fulcrum, that is placed deep in the vestibule. The other handle is connected to the "beak," which is positioned most often on the lingual or palatal root of the tooth into the gingival sulcus. No aspect of the instrument grasps the crown and there is no advanced elevation needed. Once the instrument is properly placed, the handles are rotated a few degrees with only wrist movement in a slow, steady and controlled manner — no squeezing!

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