Pro-Flex Base Thin (12 pcs)

Pro-Flex Base Thin (12 pcs)

Pro-Flex Base Thin (12 pcs)
Keystone Industries
SKU: 9640230
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The Pro-flex system is a "totally" new way of making dentures and partials.

It is the first system that combines a laminated reinforcing base material with a heat-cured, flexible overlay resin. This unique combination creates a flexible and comfortable appliance. A 5X stronger way to make flexible appliances

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Pro-Flex Base Thin (12 pcs)
Pro-Flex Base Thin (12 pcs)
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  • Pro Flex introduces a new way to make dentures that uses non-allergenic, permanent nonporous soft linear, flexible material.
  • The process begins with a vacuum-formed base, then the NFC resin is processed to the base.
  • This involves using standard flasking system for making flexible appliances.
  • The bases available include 0.080-Thin (T), 0.120- Medium (M) and 0.200-Thick (K).
  • The flex available include both standard and firm, and available shades include light, medium, dark, ethnic, and clear.

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