Bicuspid - Tiger Clamp Matt Winged #2AT

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Bicuspid - Tiger Clamp Matt Winged #2AT

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For upper and lower bigger bicuspids with flat serrated beaks. A little bigger than 2T

KSK Rubber Dam Clamps are made of specially selected and tempered stainless steel. Ideal spring action and high resistance against corrosion. Various forms are available, so you can choose clamps in accordance with the teeth. 4000 times open-close metal fatigue test goes for every production lot to assure long-term spring action. For stable forms, our craftsmen adjust bending every KSK clamp one by one manually. All beaks are sharpened for best fitting on the teeth.

"BLACK" and "MATT" can avoid eye fatigue of dentists from reflecting operation light.

MATT: Sandblasted non-glossy finishing.