GUM Dental Paste

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GUM Dental Paste S (130g)


GUM Dental Paste is a daily care product specially formulated to improve the health of gums. Gentle formulation reduces plaque on the gum line & gum pockets without causing sensitivity, protect the gums by reducing bacteria accumulation by 99.99%, and strengthen gums. It also helps to strengthen teeth and provide excellent protection for the enamel. Soothing Herbal Mint Flavor was specially formulated to suit the palate of Asian people.

Recommended for:

  • People who have gum problems & persistent bad breath
  • People who often have food residues stuck in between the teeth
  • People with sensitivity teeth & gums
  1. Advanced formulation tailored to improve the health of gums, anti-bacterial agent Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC) reduce accumulation of 99.99% bacteria & impurities on the gum line & gum pockets
  2. Low abrasivity, remove plaque effectively without causing sensitivity to teeth & gums
  3. Extract from Licorice roots & natural sweetener GK2 strengthen gum
  4. Fluoride strengthen teeth and protect enamel


Antibacterial agent CPC reduce accumulation of bacteria causing gum problems by 99.99%

  • Formulated with special grade silica (abrasive) which is gentle to the gums & teeth
  • Extract from Licorice Roots, GK2 helps to strengthen gums